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Hoarding is when a person acquires lots of possessions over time and is unable to let them go (even if others think they are not valuable, for example newspapers or plastic bags).

As the clutter accumulates, the person’s possessions can become the subject of arguments and disagreements between the person and their family and/or friends. 

The person living within the cluttered house may become isolated, the cluttered possessions prevent the person from moving easily through their home and make carrying out activities of daily living difficult. The home can become in a state of disrepair, as the person is unable (or too embarrassed) to let anyone in to fix appliances or make house repairs.

In extreme cases, as numerous possessions make cleaning difficult, the home can become unsanitary and open to infestation (for example mice, rats or insects). The home can become dangerous and the person/s living there may be at great risk. 

For example:  no heating; falling clutter, risk of fire, trip and fall hazards, risk of food poisoning, increased breathing problems.

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