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Frances . Southampton

"Thank you, and all the members of your team, for the work you did.  You are very necessary in the world as it is."

Louise . Portsmouth

"Since joining the Red Squirrel Buried in Treasures course I have come a long way with my decluttering journey.  For years I have been crying out for help, as I have been struggling with hoarding for 40 plus years.  Brigitte is very supportive and knowledgeable.  I can not thank her enough.  I highly recommend "Red Squirrel" to anyone who is struggling with hoarding."

John . Portsmouth

"I have learned so much about myself and the reasons behind my hoarding habit. I've learnt  how to identify situations around those habits and ultimately learn to control them. This has been done all under the guidance of Brigitte, can help support and guide everyone. If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, who might be having hoarding issues, get in touch with Red Squirrel."

OT Student . University of Southampton

"It's really interactive and helpful to hear from a service user, showing a real life scenario, helping to apply my knowledge.  Lovely presentation, thank you."

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