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What is 

Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is therapy involving “doing”.   As human beings we all “do” meaningful activities, whether these are activities of daily living, for example; self-care (looking after ourselves, cooking, bathing, toileting, dressing), work/productivity (making something, studying, working, volunteering) or leisure (walking, cycling, tai chi, swimming etc).

An Occupational Therapist follows a process of assessment, intervention planning, intervention and review.  An OT will assess what you are doing and with you, identify the barriers that make doing difficult. 


The Occupational Therapist will then advise you as to what changes may be made in order to improve the way you are able to do things and with you devise goals. 


The Occupational Therapist will then support you to achieve your goals in order to enable and empower you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life to the best of your ability.

Make big changes in small steps


Following the loss of his wife, Mr A became socially isolated.  He started visiting the local charity shops and started buying bits and pieces that reminded him of his wife.  However, with no-one to support him or identify his needs, his house became cluttered, making life for Mr A even more difficult.  

After an OT assessment, the OT with Mr A identified it was the social interaction of visiting the charity shop and speaking to staff that he enjoyed.  He was also concerned that he may forget his wife and was seeking out continuing bonds with her.  

Mr A still visits the charity shop but not so often, as he now attends a lunch club in the community.  He also has some positive continuing bonds with his wife, a scrap book of happy memories, photos and reminders of things they did together, enabling him to let go of some of the stuff he accumulated.   

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"Buried in Treasures" - Online 16 week workshops 

One to One Therapy

Individual Assessment (up to 3 sessions), includes written report plus recommendations:


6 sessions (2 hours each)

60 minutes family/carer consultation/support (to include written summary and visual prompts, if required).





Group Sessions

Red Squirrel Support Group in Portsmouth, UK

Meets every Monday term-time only: 10.15 am until 11.45 am

Price:  £8 per person, per session (refreshments included)

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