One to One Therapy

Individual Assessment (up to 3 sessions), includes written report plus recommendations:


90 minutes per week, for 6 weeks 

60 minutes family/carer consultation/support (to include written summary and visual prompts, if required).

Harm/Risk Reduction Approach (to include coordination, facilitation, help, guidance and support)

One off clear and cleaning session (OT approach) – 4 hours

Prices are negotiable depending on circumstances

If you do not feel that any of these services fit with your requirements, please contact me to discuss.





£45 p/h


Group Sessions
Find out how I can help you or your family member overcome hoarding.
Book a FREE 30 minute
consultation with me.


Red Squirrel Hoarding Awareness Workshop

(Currently via Microsoft Teams – up to 2 hours

Coming soon Red Squirrel Support Group

Via Microsoft Teams/phone – up to 90 minutes

Please register your interest by contacting me via this website/email/text message

Red Squirrel adheres to the Government guidelines in relation to Covid 19.  We always risk assess prior to home visits and meetings and take the necessary precautions, for example washing our hands, wearing gloves and masks.  Please see here for the latest Government Guidelines