Welcome to Red Squirrel's Website.  Red Squirrel offers help and advice for people affected by hoarding.


Hoarding can impact negatively on an individual’s quality of life.  An individual’s behaviour, and resulting clutter, can cause stress and anxiety to those who care for them.    Gaining help is difficult and, all too often, creates more anxiety for the individual as will commonly focus on clearing the individual’s possessions.  Red Squirrel provides a different way forward.

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Whilst most Occupational Therapy Services are restricted by service specific requirements, Red Squirrel is able to offer a full, holistic Occupational Therapy



As well as being able to use hoarding specific standardised tools, Red Squirrel is also able to utilise Occupational Therapy models, adapted, in order to identify interventions, with the individual, to enable the individual to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, to the best of their ability.  

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Listening to Carer’s concerns is vital to building help and support for the individual, who may not see the risks they may be creating within their home.  Red Squirrel will work with Carers, who have probably struggled with understanding and coping with hoarding behaviours, for a long time.

Hoarding behaviour starts gradually, sometimes from an early age.  As the average person’s material consumption is 10 tonnes per year, it is not surprising to hear that it estimated at least 1.5 million people in the United Kingdom are affected by hoarding behaviour.  


Often a cluttered home will only be discovered when an individual has physical health problems, suffers an injury, or when carers are so extremely worried they feel they have no choice but to seek help.  To find out more about therapy services, click here.

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Finding help can be problematical, as there are few services currently available.  Further, whilst clearing a person’s possessions may initially seem an ideal solution, it is not.  Evidence reveals this does not solve hoarding behaviour and in some cases makes the problem worse, as can traumatise the individual causing them to hoard more.    

Red Squirrel is a discreet and confidential Occupational Therapy service.  However, it may be that some individuals will require specialist support that Red Squirrel is unable to provide, for example psychological or medical services.   


Red Squirrel believes in a multidisciplinary approach and will discuss with an individual (or their Carers) if other professional help is required.  With permission, Red Squirrel will support the individual to gain other professional support, including access to General Practitioners (GPs), specialist medical or psychiatric services, social services, fire and safety services and environmental health. 

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Some people living in a cluttered house do not recognise their saving and keeping behaviour as a problem, despite others noticing the risks.  

Are you concerned about a family member or someone you care for?  If yes, please contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation.  I offer a harm reduction package which may be appropriate.