Hoarding Workshop

Tuesday 8th December & January 12th 2021

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Are you experiencing hoarding difficulties?

You'll first receive a copy of  a Home Risk Assessment, Saving Inventory Revised and Clutter Rating Scale. 


My workshop gives you the history and background of hoarding phenomena; I'll provide real definition; we will look at a profile of a person who hoards and identify the difference between collectors, and people who hoard.


We will highlight the risks associated with hoarding behaviours; and explain how Red Squirrel, as an occupational therapy service, can help you;  we will briefly look at occupational identity in relation to hoarding; observe readiness to change and barriers to making change and engaging in occupation and how we might overcome these. 

Find out more about me and how I can help you or your friend or family member with hoarding.


Find out more about hoarding and what physical and emotional aspects it has on you or a loved one.


Find out more about occupational therapy and how it can help you or your loved one.